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We Design and Develop Cutting-Edge Engineering Applications

We Help Businesses Innovate with Digital Engineering Solutions

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Our Services

Information Technology & Design consulting services to organisations seeking to bolster their IT proficiency

Struggling to turn stunning app designs into reality? We bridge the gap. Our expertise lies in building scalable, well-structured mobile apps through a proven iterative development process.

Why Organisations Choose Us

Discover the various ways in which our guests have embraced the benefits of Tensech way of engineering

Multi-Factor Authentication App

HyID is a futuristic identity and access management solution that safeguards critical business applications and data from misuse by internal as well as external users, by managing user identities and monitoring user access.


Play Store - 100K+ Downloads 

App Store - Rated as 4.8 out of 5 by 500+ user's reviews.

Crooton Smarter Way To Manage The Candidate Funnel

Crooton's self serve platform enables other organisations to create and manage their campaigns for them-self with all managerial approval and requisitions in place.

This portal helping organisations open a job vacancy faster without getting into long process of setting up meetings or email conversations.


40% faster to make a campaign live

FluidAds Ads Platform

Fluid-Ads platform helps in effective advert management via multi-channel integrations with options to customise and target the right audience based on parameters like demographics, geo-boundaries, business types, etc. to yield higher visibility and thereby improve outcomes.


Their systems are robust enough to handle any volume of impressions and fast enough to have near-instantaneous reporting on top of that.


80% faster & accurate impressions helping customers to see insights close to real time

Trusted By The Customers

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Hear It from Our Customers

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The team is expert, dedicated and very keen to the detailing. I am loving to work with the Tensech team and recommend other business owners to give a chance. 
Its not easy to find a technical partner who can work with you and understand your business problems.

Vijender Yadav, Co-founder & CTO - Accops Systems

How We Excel

We are dedicated to exceeding client expectations

We walk the talk and never slack off on our deliverables

Our team of passionate tech experts

A holistic approach to encompass any sort of technical challenge that comes our way

We provide expert advice from industry veterans.

With industry experts at our disposal, sound advice is always given

We guarantee your satisfaction

We have a 100% CSAT score and have absolutely no intentions of ever-decreasing that number

We mitigate risk and safeguard your projects.

We incorporate a breadth of tactics to minimize risk and safeguard against losses

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We work across a wide variety of industries including the travel industry, workplace virtualization, digital transformation, Data Analytics and more. 

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